Moving out of state

    Moves starting as low as $1895.00

    Long distance moving specialists. 30 Days free storage. Best price guaranteed.

    Packing Services

    Our team of expert movers know how to handle your personal effects with the best care imaginable. When we pack your things we make it a point to know which is soft, and which is fragile, which goes in your room, and which goes in the living room, and we to do it with the best care and responsibility, because we make it a point to make Northern Moving Systems a company that you can trust to help you move forward.

    Personalized Packing

    We know everybody has their own way of doing things, they’re all really protective of their stuff, and they like to keep things a certain way, that’s why our professional packing team is ready to give you the best custom packing service you could ask for. At Northern Moving Systems, everything we do is to keep the clients happy, and to make sure you have the best move of your life because that is what our company strives for.

    Whether your moving into a new house, or a new office, or just need help moving things into storage, we’re here for you no matter what you need, and we’re happy to help you.

    Our company’s also ready supply you with your own packing products, should you want to simply pack for themselves, and we’re ready to give you the best that money can buy, from boxes, and bubble wrap, to personalized labels and foldable moving carts.